he Croatian Music Society "Zvijezda Danica" (Morning Star) belongs to the oldest cultural-artistic associations in Croatia. This can be confirmed by the fact that it has worked non-stop since it was established in 1894. The merit for this goes to the numerous people who conducted the Choir and those who sang in it.
The man who established the choir and who conducted it was Ivan Jakovčić Hijacintov. He was responsible for its musical life and the start of musical activities within the society. He was very capable as an organiser and as an expert as well as a great lover of music which he knew well to transmit to other members of the Choir. Many generations after this, 1894 and before, nursed the local traditional singing which was even appreciated by the great Croatian musician Ivan nobleman Zajc.
In 1911 he dedicated a song "Poputnica" (travel song) to the "Zvijezda Danica", the text of which was written by August Harambašić. This song was to become the hymn of the society.
After maestro Ivan Jakovčić Hijacintov died (in 1925) his work was continued by Ivan Jakovčić Antonov, who was also an excellent organ player, a member of the music and tamburica player’s society, with a special interest in choral singing. Under his lead the choir held concerts around the whole region. The choir preformed at many events and received numerous prizes and awards.

Even WWII did not completely stop the work of the Society. The female part of choir continued to sing. After the war, in free Istria and the Coastal Region the choir preformed a range of successful concerts, promoting local music and singing songs of the Istrian music scale composed by Ivan Matetić Ronjgov and Slavko Zlatić. After Ivan Jakovčić Antonov died, Stanko Gudac Rokov who was also an excellent organ player conducted the Choir. He was replaced with Dr. Vinko Kalačić who conducted the Choir until 1968, when maestro Anton Corel became the Choir’s conductor.

Davor Kačić was the one who established the brass band. The band worked for 30 years thanks to its dedicated conductor Ivan Mikulčić. The musical works gave the music education to the youngsters of Kraljevica. His work continued by Anton Corel and then Miroslav Fajdetić. The blossoming of the arts section happened in the 1960’s and 1970’s. The man who established this section was Prof. Josip Blažina (he was also the art director) with his collaborators, engineers Zvonko Kokotović and Josip Violić.
An important part of the Society’s activities were represented with the theatrical groups which were very successful. The last ‘Chakavian Stage’ existed until the 1990’s, nourishing and affirming the local written word, especially the Chakavian spoken word and this is thanks to the poet of the region Ružica Tralić Divković. Maestro Davorin Hauptfeld marked the 1970’s and mid 1980’s with his artistic work within the Society- he conducted the Choir and was awarded in Istria and the Croatian coast.

After Davorin Hauptfeld, in 1986, two another art directors of the Choir were changed: Mladen Žmak and Miroslav Fajdetić. Each of them led the Choir for two years.
From 1990 the Choir was led by the young musician Ivica Frleta, who brought back soul music to the Choir’s repertoire. This brought the Choir a special audience with Pope John Paul II in Rome in 1992. Maestro Ivica Frleta included the Choir in the pro-gramme of ‘Summer Performances’ on the island of Krk.

From its past and quiet musical sound, while they worked hard, generations built the possibilities for the existence of choral singing and the Choir "Zvijezda Danica" which exists today.

They made our Kraljevica deep inside of itself and keep it a precious cultural capital. They also deserved that we continue their intentions and in their honour and to their glory we have to prepare the field for the new achievements of the "Zvijezda Danica" in order that we can bring the glory of its music to the whole of the music world in the 21st century.